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Pen Palace Jaipur

Blue Serenity Fountain Pen by Pen Palace Jayco's Collection

Blue Serenity Fountain Pen by Pen Palace Jayco's Collection

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Pen color: Blue

Description: "Discover the perfect blend of elegance and personalization with the Regal Customizable Metal Fountain Pen. Crafted with a luxurious blue metal body and sophisticated rose gold accents, this pen exudes a timeless appeal. The finely engineered nib ensures a smooth and consistent writing experience, while the high-quality construction guarantees durability and style. Unique to this pen is the option for personalization, allowing you to engrave your name, initials, or a special message, making it a truly one-of-a-kind writing instrument. Ideal for professionals, executives, and pen enthusiasts who value both performance and personalization."


  • Luxurious Design: Elegant blue metal body with refined rose gold accents.
  • Superior Writing Performance: Precision nib for smooth and consistent ink flow.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality metal build for long-lasting use.
  • Customizable: Available for personalization with engravings of your choice.
  • Gift-Ready: Comes in an exquisite velvet pouch specially designed for Jayco's Collection , perfect for special occasions.


  • Material: Premium metal with rose gold accents
  • Color: Blue with rose gold
  • Nib Type: Fine/Medium (specify as per actual product)
  • Ink Refill: Compatible with standard fountain pen ink cartridges or converters (specify if included)
  • Personalization: Engraving available 

Usage Tips:

  1. Ensure the pen is properly filled with ink before use.
  2. Store the pen with the cap on to prevent the nib from drying out.
  3. Clean the nib regularly to maintain optimal ink flow.
  4. Handle with care to preserve the personalized engraving.
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